10D9N Taiwan Trip: Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza, Kaohsiung

"You can count on me like 1, 2, 3...I'll be there."

Hello! I was away for 2 days 1 night trip and before I knew it, it's already Sunday night again. Monday's workloads have been flashing around in my mind but since there's no point thinking about those paperworks, let's just enjoy the remaining hours left of this lovely Sunday evening. Let me turn on the Versace on the Floor and continue my write-up on Kaohsiung trip~~~

We had just finished our foodie adventure at Liuhe Night Market and we were still hungry because we were kinda disappointed with the night market. Boo! So we did a last minute research and found out that there is a big shopping mall at Kaohsiung Arena Station.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza, Kaohsiung

It did not take long for us to walk from the exit of Kaohsiung Arena Station to the shopping mall, Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza. The weather was so good for evening stroll. Comfortable cool breeze. Whee~~~

Evening walk to Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza in Kaohsiung

Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza is huge but since it's already 8+ at night, we did not want to waste time wandering and deciding what to eat for too long. So, we have come to immediate decision upon chancing upon this cute xiao long bao mascot from Din Tai Fung. 

Din Tai Fung Restaurant at Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza Kaohsiung

Din Tai Fung is actually nothing new for us because there are a lot of Din Tai Fung's branches in Singapore and I eat there sometimes with my lunch buddy. But do you know that Din Tai Fung was originated from Taiwan? Ironically, we had not tried eating Din Tai Fung in Taiwan before so this was our great chance to try the original Din Tai Fung dishes. We ended up order the same old favourites though. 

Pork xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung at Kaohsiung

The best appetiser in Din Tai fung (my personal preference, of course) is the Oriental Salad in Special Vinegar Dressing. It is just a simple mix of seaweed, bean sprouts, chili, beancurd strips, and rice vermicelli tossed in a tangy vinegar dressing. The combination of them all? Refreshing and fresh. 

Oriental salad in vinegar dressing from Din Tai Fung

Since it had been days since the last time we eat something green, travel buddy decided to take a motherly-approach and ordered spinach despite my are-you-kidding-me look. But I guess, we do really need some veggies for once. 

Fresh spinach from Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza

Finally, something different and this dish could not be found at Din Tai Fung's branches in Singapore, guo tie (or potstickers). If only Din Tai Fung in Singapore have this, I can probably just order this for dinner and be satisfied enough. 

Potstickers from Din Tai Fung at Kaohsiung

The rice dish which will not ever disappoint you, the pork chop egg fried rice. Ultimate goodness for fried rice and carbo lover i.e. Me.  How am I gonna reach that 48 kg goal?

Pork chop egg fried rice from Din Tai Fung

There are many branches of Din Tai Fung in Taiwan but the restaurant that we ate in Kaohsiung is located at: 

No. 777, Bo'Ai 2nd Road
Zuoying District, Level B1F
Hanshin Arena Shopping Centre

 Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 11AM - 9.30PM
Saturday and Sunday 10.30AM - 9.30PM

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