10D9N Taiwan Trip: Lavender Cottage, Taichung Part 1

"Whatcha gonna do when the walls come falling down?"

Happy Saturday folks! It definitely feels so wonderful when we reach another Saturday (because weekdays are so tough to go through sometimes). The thing is sometimes I don't really know what to do in Singapore on a Saturday other than hanging out with my friends trying out new places and stuff. New places to eat of course because there are not many places for sightseeing in Singapore as the country is pretty small. I even wonder if I should just live frugally in Singapore to have bigger travelling expenses.

With bigger travellling expenses, one can visit other countries to go sightseeing. Just like visiting Lavender Cottage in Taichung, Taiwan.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Lavender Village, Taichung Part 1

A lot of travel blogs suggested to visit Lavender Cottage when the travel itinerary involves Taichung. This is because there are actually not many things to do in Taichung city itself (apart from visiting cafes and the famous Fengjia Night Market). So two hours trip to Lavender Cottage seems to be a wise thing to do during the day (since the night market will be deserted at this timing anyway). 

Admission ticket to Lavender Village at Taichung

We reached Lavender Cottage around lunch time. The admission ticket to Lavender Cottage cost NTD 100 per person inclusive of NT100 vouchers which can be used to offset your purchase for souvenirs/ food and beverages inside Lavender Cottage. The chubby bear (which probably mascot of Lavender Cottage?) looks so lonely at the entrance of Lavender Cottage. 

Entrance to Lavender Village at Taichung Taiwan

Be prepared to walk uphill in order to reach the lavender fields. I got pretty tired halfway (lack of exercise?) so I took a rest at the bear house which kinda reminds me of Hobbit's house in the Lord of the Rings movie. Am I transported to New Zealand somehow?

Bear house at Lavender Village at Taichung Taiwan

Few steps ahead, you will see so many small houses. Initially I thought these are bird houses but then I am not quite sure how the bird is going to get inside these houses. 

Bird houses at Lavender Village Taichung Taiwan

After a few gasping of air, we have finally see beautiful purple glimpse of lavender at the left side of the road. We were pretty blessed to be able to see the lavender when the flowers were blooming. Otherwise, our uphill battle would be such a waste. Hahaha. 

Lavender flower field at Lavender Village Taichung

Spotted one busy bee which was moving efficiently from one flower to another. That was one pretty huge bee. Since the complex of Lavender Cottage is pretty big to cover in one post, I will post the remaining stories on Lavender Cottage in the next few posts. 

Flowers and the bee at Lavender Village Taichung

Lavender Cottage is located at:

 No. 20, Zhongxing Street, Xinshe District

  Opening hours:

 Sunday 9.30AM - 6.30PM
 Monday to Friday 10.30AM - 6.30PM
 Saturday 10AM - 7PM

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