10D9N Taiwan Trip: Lavender Cottage, Taichung Part 2

"而 幸 福 却 是 此 时
静 静 帮 你 提 著
哈 罗 凯 蒂 袋 子"

"However, happiness is this moment. Quietly carrying for you, Hello Kitty bag."

 Sometimes in life, we got too focused on complex stuff we forget to pay attention and enjoy the most important parts of our life. The most important parts of our life tend to be the smallest matters which we often neglect like sweet memories for the time spent with your loved ones. I suppose it's best to take no thought of tomorrow for tomorrow shall take thought of the things itself. Live in the present now! Woots!

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Lavender Village, Taichung

Anyway, continuing on our journey at Lavender Cottage in Taichung. If you have been to Taiwan, you will notice that there are many places of interest which allow visitor to either write a wish/ get a stamp. A lot of travellers love to make a wish and get a stamp to complete their travel log. So it's quite fun to find that there's a wish section at Lavender Cottage as well. 

Wishing dream at Lavender Village Taichung Taiwan

I do not really take this make-a-wish activity really seriously but it is just fun to do it while you are travelling since a lot of other people's doing it too. #easilyfollowsuggestion

Dream note at Lavender Village Taichung Taiwan

Made a simple and very generic wish. But seriously, looking at how the world becomes, happiness has become more and more important if you want to endure this life. Wishing everyone a happy life (idealistic wish I know but oh well, I can wish, right?). 

Written wish at Lavender Village Taichung Taiwan

You can choose to hang your wish either at the tree. My travelling buddy commented that why I look so serious when tying up my wish. The thing is...I am never good with all activities that involve crafts. Especially hand crafts. Hahahah. 

Tying up wish at Lavender Village Taichung Taiwan

If you do not want to hang your wish on the trees, you can hang them at the designated wishing area as well. There are so many wishes hanged here I wonder how do the staff of Lavender Cottage manage to keep them in control. Like how often do they throw out wishes? Hahahah. 

Dream catcher at Lavender Village Taichung Taiwan

After we are done making wishes, we decided to just sit around and chill for a while since the view from the uphill is so awesome and give you peace which you will not be able to get in the city. 

Beautiful scenery from Lavender Village Taichung

Randomly spot a beautiful red flower with fruit which kinda looks like raspberry. Love~~~

Pretty red flower at Lavender Village Taichung

Lavender Cottage is located at:

 No. 20, Zhongxing Street, Xinshe District 
Opening hours:

Sunday 9.30AM - 6.30PM
 Monday to Friday 10.30AM - 6.30PM
 Saturday 10AM - 7PM

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