10D9N Taiwan Trip: Lavender Cottage, Taichung Part 3

"Cause all I know is we said hello and your eyes look like coming home."

It feels so good when it's a public holiday on Wednesday. I often think that four working days in a week is the best way to ensure that you are not over-worked. Although some people still prefer to bring back work to home when they suppose to enjoy their off day. Some people just love to work hard. Can't blame them though, after all everyone is entitled to do what they enjoy in life.

Continuing on our journey at Lavender Cottage, we were finally getting hungry after wandering around enjoying the mountain view and the beautiful lavender flowers. Thankfully, Lavender Cottage has restaurant where you can utilise the NTD100 vouchers which come with the admission ticket.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Lavender Cottage, Taichung Part 3

This is the menu of the food and drink offered at Lavender Cottage. They seem to provide a range of Western food such as pasta and roasted chicken. 

Food menu from Lavender Cottage restaurant in Taichung Taiwan

After we have made our order, we look at the surrounding and it seems to be a great idea to open a restaurant here since a lot of people do enjoy the comfort of dining with the view. 

Lavender Cottage Restaurant in Taichung Taiwan

I ordered Roasted Chicken which comes with fries, bread and few pieces of vegetables. Despite its humble look, the roasted chicken taste so good as the chicken is well seasoned before roasted. Subsequent to our visit to Lavender Cottage, our driver told us the the most popular food from Lavender Cottage turns out to be this Roasted Chicken. 

Chicken Chop from Lavender Cottage at Taiwan

My travelling buddy miss the comfort of Singapore food so she ordered a bowl of seafood pasta in laksa sauce. The amount of prawns provided in the pasta are so generous and she totally enjoyed her meal. 

Seafood laksa pasta from Lavender Cottage Taiwan

Once you are done wandering around Lavender Cottage, don't forget to pop by the souvenir store because if you don't plan to eat here, you can use your voucher to offset your buying in the store. The souvenir store has some interesting stuff which you can only find here such as DIY aromatherapy and soap using lavender as its main ingredient. 

DIY lavender aromatherapy from Lavender Cottage Taichung

If you are into wooden crafts, you can find them here too. There is various type of wooden art pieces such as key chains, desk decoration up to kitchen utensils. 

Cute wooden souvenirs from Lavender Cottage Taichung

These handmade soaps are so pretty and colourful. Each color has different fragrance and I think they will make a great gift for ladies. There is an array of fragrance pouch and liquid soap/ shampoo too in the store so do take your time to check out these amazing items from Lavender Cottage. 

Pretty hand soaps from Lavender Cottage Taichung

Lavender Cottage is located at:

 No. 20, Zhongxing Street, Xinshe District 

Opening hours: 

Sunday 9.30AM - 6.30PM
 Monday to Friday 10.30AM - 6.30PM
 Saturday 10AM - 7PM

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