10D9N Taiwan Trip: Liuhe Night Market, Kaohsiung

"When we look back now, will our jokes still be funny?"

Ahh the past. It's really something which may be nice to look at and yet, you can't repeat the good and simple times. With so many things going on in life, I, too, often get trapped in this nostalgia mode. Those days where I eagerly look forward to school holidays because all I wanted to do was waking up late and playing my good ol' Playstation all day. Bliss. Hahaha. 

My new bliss now is travelling because this is the chance for me to be me, doing what I like, with travelling buddy which I definitely like/ love. You ain't gonna spend time with those people that do not worth your time after all, right?

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Liuhe Night Market, Kaohsiung

Okay, we are now checking out our first night market in Kaohsiung, Liuhe Night Market. The night market is not that big as it is located along Liuhe Road but it does have some interesting stalls to check out. 

Liuhe Night Market at Kaohsiung Taiwan

For instance, this is the first time we saw this kind of food at night market. For a moment, we were kinda wondering if we were in Taiwan or China. Well, at least there is something for everyone here at Liuhe Night Market, including bugs lover. Me? I'm gonna skip this one thank you very much. 

Fried bugs from Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung

Ah, finally we saw something which looks...hmm, safer to eat. I think I saw something similar to this at Raohe Night Market before but not sure if the black pepper buns are the same with the stall which forever has long queue there. 

Black Pepper Buns Stall at Liuhe Night Market Kaohsiung

The production line for the black pepper buns seems to be very productive. These two ladies alone can produce so many buns at one go. Looking at how many buns these two are making, it seems that black pepper buns are quite popular in Liuhe Night Market. 

Making black pepper buns at Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung

Based on my observation, I noticed that there are many stalls selling noodles at Liuhe Night Market. But I was not in the mood to eat noodles that day so I just looked at the stall without really buying anything. If you love noodles, you may want to give it a try though. Who knows Kaohsiung is famous for noodles? Hahaha. 

Noodle stall at Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung version of big sausage wrap small sausage. But I have eaten this street food at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung before so I wanted to try out other food if possible. Oh my gawd, I sound like a picky eater half way on my trip. LOL. 

Hotdog stall from Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung

Some seafood delicacies are also available here but lazy to eat stuff with shells. Hahaha please don't start to throw rocks at me. Lazy foodie I know. Before I knew it, I was already at the end of the Liuhe Night Market and have only eaten the black pepper buns. I wonder why but this night market is kinda boring to me. Oh well. It's just my personal opinion though. 

Seafood stall at Liuhe Night Market in Kaohsiung

Liuhe Night Market is located at:

Liuhe 2nd Road, Xinxing District

Opening hours:

6PM onwards (although some stalls are opened from 5PM)

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