10D9N Taiwan Trip: Miyahara Ice Cream Parlour, Taichung

"Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel like out of place?"

I am seriously about to break down from frustration with someone who just cannot let go of her own stress and yet, putting the blame on me. Seriously if your stress arising from your own mind, could you please do not blame other people as the cause of what you do to yourself? I honestly find this S-T-U-P-I-D and a waste of my time. But apparently stupid people are everywhere and you have to manage a living by surviving around them. Oh yeay, life is so fun. Yaaasssssss~
When time is bad, it's time to have some ice cream. Although sadly, there is no Miyahara to be found in Singapore. Boo.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Miyahara Ice Cream Parlour, Taichung

What and where is Miyahara? It is a famous ice cream parlour located in Taichung, Taiwan. If you are taking any day tour in Taichung, you should see a visit to Miyahara as part of your itinerary. Otherwise, your taxi driver will surely suggest you to visit Miyahara because well, it's famous even among the local. 

Miyahara Ice Cream Parlour in Taichung Taiwan

We could feel the popularity of Miyahara right when we alighted from our hired cab because the queue to buy ice cream at Miyahara is snaking. And whenever there's a queue in Taiwan, there must be something nice in front. The ice cream menu is kinda hard to read but our basic Chinese seems to be good enough to order certain safe flavours like chocolate, strawberry or some fruits flavour. We can also somewhat tell that a lot of people goes for the three flavour in a cup size so we just followed accordingly. Monkey see, monkey do approach we were doing here. Hahaha. 

Ice cream ordering chit from Miyahara Taichung

Scream for ice cream people! Okay, the queue was pretty civilised and in order so no screaming is required upon ordering. Hahaha. If you ask me how long did I queue for Miyahara ice cream, I suppose it's around 30 minutes? Queue seems to move faster when you are (1) not alone and (2) have wifi. 

Eye Scream from Miyahara Taichung Taiwan

You could see from the ordering chit above but Miyahara really has a lot of ice cream flavours to select from. The chocolate flavour alone has at least 18 variations with different strength of chocolate from 100% to 51%. Confused much? Hahaha. 

Chocolate flavour ice cream from Miyahara Taichung

Next freezer contains a lot of fruit sorbet varieties from lime to mango to berry. Oh right, there's English translation for each of the flavour here so you don't have to scratch your head so much to translate the flavour if Mandarin is not your main language. Miyahara should consider putting them on the ordering chit too, righttt?

Fruits flavour ice cream from Miyahara Taichung

Some of the flavours are so interesting like Strawberry Honey Cheese and Srilanka Black Tea. The black tea flavour ice cream kinda looks like chocolate ice cream though. The same can be said with Earl Grey Tea. We did not order any of these tea flavour so we did not really know how they taste. 

Unique flavour ice cream from Miyahara Taichung

The size for one small tub of ice cream. Pretty standard I suppose.

Takeaway pints from Miyahara Taichung Taiwan

Oh right, other than the varieties of flavour that Miyahara offers for its ice cream, Miyahara also has a lot of toppings to go with your ice cream. And they are pretty generous in giving toppings too. If you don't believe me, you shall see what's becoming of our order of three scoops of ice cream. LOL. 

Ice cream toppings from Miyahara Taichung

More toppings to select, a variety of biscuits and chocolate nuggets. 

Chocolate toppings from Miyahara Taichung

An order of three scoops of ice cream comes with 7 choices of toppings (OMG, for real?? Yeah, it's real). It has become a humongous cup of ice cream + biscuits + cakes + tarts. We could not even see the chocolate ice cream anymore because it is the first ice cream flavour that the staff scooped for us. So the chocolate ice cream is located underneath all of this sweet mess. Hahaha.

The three flavours ice cream from Miyahara Taichung

A friend asked me if I'm about to eat a bowl of diabetic-induced food. LOL. Oh come on, we don't eat ice cream everyday and holiday is always an exception for all this goody stuff. Taste wise, I love the strawberry honey cheese ice cream the most and the toppings really could be an overkill but I had to admit, it's nice to take picture of this kind of food (and upload it to IG). #foodvain

Happy girl and jumbo Miyahara ice cream in Taichung

Miyahara is located at: 

No.20, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City 400, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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