10D9N Taiwan Trip: Miyahara 宫原眼科, Taichung

  如果要告别 如果今夜就要和一切告别
If have to say goodbye, if tonight I have to say farewell to everything,

如果你只能打一通电话 你会拨给谁
If you can only make one phone call, whom will you dial to?
I wonder if that time comes, who am I going to call?

 But then again, maybe there is no need to make a phone call anyway. Hahaha. 

Hello everyone! We are back on another weekend. Woots! Today has been pretty hot as usual but since landlord was not in, I did cheat a bit by turning on the air-con in my room for a good 30 minutes to cool down the room and myself. On this kind of hot day, I really feel like eating ice cream but I am going out later for dinner + dessert so maybe I should really restrain myself from over-eating now.

Talking about ice cream, once you are done eating the humongous ice cream from Miyahara, you should make your way to the right side of the ice cream parlour. That's where the grand entrance to Miyahara main store is located.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Miyahara 宫原眼科, Taichung

Other than ice cream, Miyahara has so many food and goodies to check out and to buy as souvenirs and gifts. For instance, there are so many type of chocolates displayed from the colourful chocolate truffles. 

Chocolate truffles from Miyahara Taichung

To dry fruit pieces coated in chocolate. Not sure if these fruits are still considered healthy but they do look good though. Miyahara also have chocolate pieces and bar with various variety from nuts, to fruits, to plain dark and milk chocolate. 

Chocolate biscuits from Miyahara at Taichung

The store itself is very magnificent in design with its high ceiling and lots and lots of shelves. I was kinda feeling like transported to some Hogwarts-ish place on earth. But the students here speak Mandarin instead of English not like in Hogwarts. Hahaha.

Amazing architecture inside Miyahara at Taichung

The store staff at Miyahara dresses up in a very pretty traditional-looking Chinese outfit. Everyone looks so good in it. 

Miyahara staff at Taichung Taiwan

If you are not interested in food as souvenirs, you can also find non-food items here at Miyahara from key chains to cutlery and kitchen wares. I am not really interested in the inedible stuff though so I did not really look at these stuff for a long time. 

Keychains from Miyahara Taichung Taiwan

Meanwhile, I was really really curious on these boxes which kinda looks like retro music CD or DVD. Turns out these beautiful boxes are the packaging for cookies/ biscuits. Pretty interesting, eh?

Awesome packaged cookies and biscuits from Miyahara Taichung

Miyahara is located at: 

No.20, Zhongshan Rd., Central Dist., Taichung City 400, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM - 10PM 

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