10D9N Taiwan Trip: Mushroom Farm, Taichung

"When you're in pain, when you think you've had enough, don't ever give up."

Turns out I am bad at giving up, especially toward the things that I think is worth fighting for. Despite previous failed attempts (which I have to admit kinda bruised my ego), I am notoriously known to keep on trying until all hopes are lost. I wonder where does this trait come from. It can be annoying and painful when I failed but life would be so boring without trying at all. Hehe. 

Plus you can always go for comfort food when the pain is real (and hence, there goes the diet). LOL. 

If you are visiting Taichung and in search for yummy (and healthier) snack, do ask your driver to bring you to mushroom farm (which is located on the way between Lavender Farm and Carton King). 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Mushroom Farm, Taichung

It seems that our driver is an affiliate driver with the mushroom farm/ snack store since he said "Hi" to basically all the farm/ store staff. He even knows the way around the store and he happily brought us around as if he owns this place, really. 

Variety of Taiwanese mushrooms in Taichung

In addition to that, our driver was also acting as the mushroom farm/ store guide explaining to us the different type and flavour of the mushroom, how the mushroom grows and harvested, etc etc. Okay, my Chinese vocabulary is kinda limited so I wandered around by myself occasionally because my brain is simply tired from listening - translating - understanding the slightly-more-complicated vocabularies. Hahahaha. 

Different mushroom flavor at Taichung Taiwan

The mushroom farm is quite huge and the place it kept moist so that mushrooms can grow well here. I kinda secretly wish they allow me to harvest some of the mushroom but since I don't really possess "green-fingers", I was kinda scared I spoil the whole mushroom plant and ended up having to purchase the whole pot or something. That would be bad. 

Mushroom farm in Taichung Taiwan

The "prettier" mushroom plants are on display in front of the farm to show the visitor different type of mushroom planted here. The yellow color mushroom looks pretty interesting but I wonder if it is poisonous. After all the pretty ones are usually the deadly ones. Did I watch too many movies?

Beautiful mushroom in Taichung Taiwan

Eventually, our driver/ guide brought us to the section of the mushrooms which are ready to harvest. Whoa, the mushrooms are big and they do look good for hotpot/ snack. The mushroom lady harvested the mushroom like nobody's business with certain precision and speed. But since the lady does not look friendly, I was reluctant to try out harvesting the mushroom. Here I thought Taiwanese are supposedly friendly human being but I guess maybe she's having a bad day or she just felt disturbed that her otherwise peaceful work is watched by strangers. 

Mushroom harvest in Taichung Taiwan

But come on, we did buy something here although well...I only spent like 300 NTD for three bags of mushroom chips. Hehehe.

Bountiful mushroom harvest in Taichung Taiwan

Uhh...I could not share the location of the mushroom farm because this activity is really outside of our itinerary in Taichung. Initially we were supposed to visit Xinshe Castle but it looks so damn boring so we told our driver to skip the castle. Instead, he brought us here. So if you would like to visit this farm, I sugggest you told the driver directly that you feel like eating some mushroom. Hahaha. 

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