10D9N Taiwan Trip: Rainbow Village, Taichung

"So why don't we go, somewhere only we know?"

It would be nice to go to a special place which is somewhere only we know but this kind of place is definitely not a tourist place. But since we have not been to Rainbow Village before so we thought that it would be okay anyway for us to visit this favourite place to see amongst tourists who visit Taichung city in Taiwan.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Rainbow Village, Taichung

Rainbow Village is one of those veteran villages which are scattered all over Taiwan. What is veteran village? Basically, Taiwan government provided houses for Kuomintang soldiers and their families after they escaped from mainland China. Granted, when the government gave the houses, they were not painted in vibrant color as how the Rainbow Village looks like now. 

Morning time at Rainbow Village in Taichung Taiwan

The wonderful color and design painted all over houses in Rainbow Village is done by a pair of skillful hands belonging to Mr Huang. He was the last villager residing in Rainbow Village as the village has become deserted slowly and the house inside the village is torn down one after another. Suddenly the whole premise sounds like a village which has just been attacked by titans (oh right, I have not had chance to watch 2nd season of Attack of the Titans anime but I have not really recovered from the emotional trauma which I experienced after watching the 1st season). 

Colorful house at Rainbow Village at Taichung Taiwan

Mr Huang was not anywhere in sight that morning so we could not greet him nor take picture with him. However, there is information signboard put inside a corner of one of the house inside Rainbow Village featuring his smiley face. 

The painter of Rainbow Village in Taichung Taiwan

Some merchandises which are personally painted by Mr Huang are also put up for sales. I suppose the proceeds will be used for the reservation and maintenance of the village but I am not very sure on this since I did not even buy anything from the souvenir store. 

Souvenirs from Rainbow Village at Taichung Taiwan

When we visited Rainbow Village back in the first week of March, the village was on renovation so a lot of sections are off-limits to visitors. Kinda a pity because I was told by my friend that the village is actually nice to take picture with. Oh well, I suppose we had to be satisfied with the outer part of the villages. 

Beautiful colorful house from Rainbow Village at Taichung Taiwan

I had to say that Mr Huang is really one amazing painter because his design is not boring and repetitive considering how many houses he painted in this one village around. If I am the one painting, you will probably see a recurring picture of two mountains, sun in between those mountains, rice field, a road leading to the mountain, some clouds and two pairs of birds. I wonder if kids nowadays still produce that kind of drawing. Hahaha. 

Cute door of house at Rainbow Village Taichung

Another vibrant side of the houses inside Rainbow Village. We finished touring the mostly-closed-for-renovation Rainbow Village within 15 - 20 minutes and this made our driver surprised but oh well, we'd rather move on with the next destination in our day-trip-tour in Taichung rather than wasting time here doing nothing. 

Yellow house at Rainbow Village in Taichung Taiwan

Rainbow Village is located at: 

408, Taiwan, Taichung City, Nantun District, 春安路56巷

Opening hours:

Daily 8.30AM - 6PM

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