10D9N Taiwan Trip: Strawberry Picking at Taichung

"They were sitting, they were talking in the strawberry swing."

Hello Friday. It has been a while since the last time I see you, really. This week was a short week and yet, it was one heck of a draining week really. I don't know why but I seriously could not people at all this week. Thanks God there's cancellation of a go-get-together team event which supposedly taking place on Thursday. God is so good to me, He totally knows I would not be able to survive all the...well, people. I start to wonder how did I become so introvert. 

I think I can communicate better with plant. Like strawberries. Hahaha.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Strawberry Picking at Taichung

If you like to communicate with strawberries before picking them and eating them, you can do this strawberry picking activity in Taichung. This was not part of our initial day-tour itinerary in Taichung but since we only spent 15 minutes at Rainbow Village, our driver suggested us this activity, which we did not mind doing. Turns out a lot of Taiwanese love this strawberry picking exercise because the place was quite crowded that day.

Strawberry Farm in Taichung Taiwan

Since it can be kinda muddy, plastic boots are provided for use. You will be given foot cover which you can wear before slipping your feet inside these communal boots. Our driver/ tour guide was pretty good in giving service to us and he initiatively searched and brought us the shoes which he thinks are the right size for us. He got my size wrong (too big) and he immediately went to search for smaller size. I'm impressed. 

Boots for use for strawberry picking at Taichung Taiwan

After that, we were left to roam the strawberry field to our heart's content. Before I went down to do my one-on-one talk with strawberries (hmm, I could probably sing Beatles' or Coldplay's songs which have strawberry in the lyric), let me say "Hi" while showing up another shot of this strawberry field.

Starting strawberry picking adventure at Taichung

How the muddy path looks like. By the way, you will be charged according to the weight (not the quantity) of the strawberries that you pick. But to be honest with you, I usually leave out those smaller strawberries because well, they should grow bigger right? There are some overriped strawberries too so do avoid them as well. Kids will definitely enjoy this activity so much because the inner child in me seems to be enjoying it just fine. 

Strawberry field at Taichung Taiwan

I did not pick a lot of strawberries though because I lazy to pack them and bring them back to our next destination. So I kept my strawberries harvest to 10 pieces and proceeded to consume them immediately at the seating area near the boots place. If I recalled correctly, I only paid less than 200 NTD for those 10 pieces of big and sweet strawberries. Quite happy with the deal. Everything in Singapore is damn overpriced. 

When you are exploring Taichung area, do ask your driver to bring you to strawberry field if you are interested to do one. 

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