10D9N Taiwan Trip: Very Thai Noodle, Sanduo Shopping District

"These are crazy days but they make me shine. 
Time keeps rolling by."

Yup, these are crazy days. You can't even put your security on anything that's natural including your career, money, or even loved ones. Because all these things that are natural are well...temporary. I don't mean to sound religious but nowadays I am at the most desperate moment of my life when I totally have no solution whatsoever so I can only do one thing, look upon Jesus and let Him do the wonderful works in my life. Amen~~~

Right let's go back to where we left off shall we? After getting amazed at the wonderful glasswork of Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, we proceeded to our next destination in Kaohsiung, Sanduo Shopping District.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Very Thai Noodle, Kaohsiung

Despite the name contains the word "Shopping", Sanduo Shopping District seems to be Central Business District area as well. I saw a certain bank which I...uhh, did not really want to see on a holiday, to be honest with you. LOL. 

SCB in Kaohsiung Taiwan

We went to the nearest shopping mall which we saw after we exited from Sanduo Shopping District MRT station, Shinkong Mitsukoshi. This shopping mall from Japan seems to be very popular in Taiwan because I think there are several branches of the same department store in Taipei. There should be at least one store for sure in Taichung and there are a few branches of Shinkong Mitsukoshi in Kaohsiung as well. We checked out the food directory but could not find something that we really wanted to try so we ended up resting our legs and filling our tummy at Very Thai Noodle. 

Very Thai Noodle from Kaohsiung Taiwan

We tried to use our barely-there Mandarin to make an order but thankfully the young waiter is able to speak basic English. So happy! The Thai noodle looks so good especially when you are starving. 

Food menu from Very Thai Noodle at Kaohsiung

I feel like drinking bubble tea but was already so thirsty when chilling at Very Thai Noodle so I decide to just order a glass of Iced Thai Milk Tea. Do you often hear comments from your friends who have just visited Taiwan saying stuff like "every food in Taiwan taste so good"? While I think this is the case for Japanese food due to the close historical ties that the two countries are sharing, I kinda have my skepticism on other type of food. But the Thai Milk Tea taste so damn good, my skepticism is kind wavering now. 

Iced Thai Milk Tea from Very Thai Noodle in Kaohsiung

My friend's order of Beef Thai Pho comes first. I could not immediately pinpoint if this dish is Vietnamese or Thai or fusion. And there is a touch of fried green veggie too but the whole noodle soup taste so comforting and yummy. 

Beef Tom Yum Pho from Very Thai Noodle in Kaohsiung

But I think my order is definitely more exciting than my travel buddy's order. The Seafood Tom Yum Goong Noodle is so filled with so many generous seafood ingredients like prawns and fish balls. There is a touch of fried enoki mushroom too which creates a whole different dimension to this seafood tom yum goong. I love this dish so much and my skepticism on Thai food served in Taiwan has totally disappeared. 

Tom Yum Goong Seafood and Pork from Very Thai Noodle in Kaohsiung

Wanna take a bite?

Yummy Tom Yum Goong Seafood and Pork from Very Thai Noodle

Very Thai Noodle is located at: 

213 Sanduo 3rd Road, Qianzhen District
Kaohsiung City

Opening hours:

Daily 11AM - 10PM

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