10D9N Taiwan Trip: Central Park, Kaohsiung

"This is not goodbye she said."

That day was the last day we spent in Kaohsiung. After chilling out at J Cafe for a good two hours, it was finally time for us to explore the nearby park, Central Park.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Central Park, Kaohsiung

I think a park is a must-have thing in every big cities. A place for the locals to walk around after work, to walk their pets, to walk with their kids, to enjoy the weather or to feed the birds. Ironically, I never have the time to do that in Singapore because by the time I get out from office, I am too tired to even walk around in the park. Plus, the weather is usually so hot and humid, I lose the motivation to walk in the park. Hahaha.

If you are taking the MRT to Central Park station, once you exit the MRT station, you will see a large open area which is also a big fountain. The water will splash out from the ground for every hour.

Fountain at Central Park in Kaohsiung

When it's spring, there are so many flower beds across the park. Love the colorful shades of flowers, you just feel like laying on them but I don't think you should do that despite how wonderful it gonna looks on IG. Hahaha. 

Flower bed at Central Park in Kaohsiung

Oh right, talking about taking the MRT. We actually used our Taipei's MRT card (the YouYongKa) because there are some balances inside. But the thing is, although you can use the MRT card that you bought from Taipei here in Kaohsiung, you cannot top up the balance inside. Funny, eh? Since we ran out of money inside our YouYongKa, we have to buy return ticket for our last trip to the next destination, Rui Feng Night Market. The ticket for Kaohsiung MRT is a tad special because it is in the shape of a plastic coin. 

MRT ticket to use in Kaohsiung Taiwan

It really looks like a game money but make sure not to lose the coin because this is your ticket for your journey to the next destination. Otherwise, you will have to pay again for a new ticket. 

Kaohsiung MRT token in Taiwan

By the time we reach our next destination, it is already night time. Befitting of our last foodie journey in Kaohsiung at Rui Feng Night Market. A nom-nom-nom post coming soon! 

Night time in Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Kaohsiung Central Park is located at the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Wufu Road in Kaohsiung city. The easiest way to reach the park is by taking MRT to Central Park MRT Station and exit from Exit 1. 

The park opens 24 hours everyday. 

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