10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fei Qian Wu, Zhongshan

"Under the same sky, at different places."

It has been a great adventure at Kaohsiung but it is now time to say goodbye. We took our last journey with the awesome and comfortable High Speed Rail (HSR) from Zuoying Station in Kaohsiung to Taipei Main Station. The journey from Kaohsiung to Taipei by HSR took us about 90 minutes but it was quite a fun ride because I love taking train trip. I like better than road trip to be honest with you. 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fei Qian Wu, Zhongshan

Since we reached Taipei around lunch time, obviously the next to-do-thing in our itinerary is to EAT. There is one place that we felt like revisiting in Taipei. Four years ago, I did my research when I was staying in Taipei and brought my travelling buddy came to Fei Qian Wu in Zhongshan area to have a go at their famous unagi-don. Yes, it is a Japanese restaurant and it is very popular with both local and tourists (even Japanese tourists!). There is always a long queue in front of the restaurant but since we came slightly after peak lunch hours, the queue was not so bad. We managed to get in within 10 minutes. Yeay!

Fei Qian Wu at Zhongshan in Taipei

There is no English translation for the ordering chit but if you only want to order the unagi rice bowl, you just have to decide between the first two items on the list. The first one with the price of NTD 250 is small portion of unagi-don meanwhile the menu right below it with the price of NTD 480 is big portion of unagi-don. Easy-peasy, no?

Ordering chit at Fei Qian Wu Zhongshan Taipei

Well, that's basically all that we ordered at Fei Qian Wu because we wanted to keep space in our stomach for other stuff. After all, Taipei is a foodie heaven. The restaurant is not big but the restaurant staff ensure that orders are made fast and there are no diners who are allowed to linger for so long after they have finished their meal. Yep, Fei Qian Wu is not the place to linger for a long chat. You have been warned. 

Inside Fei Qian Wu at Zhongshan Taipei

Here comes the small portion of unagi-don. The small portion is good enough for a lady I feel. The rice that they use is Japanese white rice which is my favourite. The unagi (grilled eel) is still as good as last time but I recalled that the size of the unagi used to be bigger back then. Hmm. Oh right, please note that Fei Qian Wu only accepts cash. No credit cards accepted here. 

Unagi don from Fei Qian Wu at Zhongshan

Anyway, the smaller unagi worked well for us as well because since we were at Zhongshan area, we wanted to visit the famous tea house, Chun Shui Tang. I have never eaten here before but they have rice and noodle dishes. The tea house was packed up to the point there were no seats at all in the tea house. We had no choice but to take away our drinks. 

Chun Shui Tang at Zhongshan Shinkong Mitsukoshi

Chun Shui Tang is tourist-friendly and it displays English translation for its menu. Hahaha. 

Menu from Chun Shui Tang at Zhongshan

I came here for one and one thing only, their bubble tea. Do you know that Chun Shui Tang is the creator of bubble tea in Taiwan? I have to buy this bubble tea whenever I am in Taipei despite its higher price tag (if let's say compared to 50lan). 

When we bought our bubble tea, we saw a group of Japanese tourists excitedly posed in front of Chun Shui Tang with their drinks. Hmm, since it's apparently a must do for tourists, let me take a shot of my Chun Shui Tang's cup with its restaurant logo. I'm not in the mood for selfie because I look kinda like a hobo after walking for so long. Hahahaha. #vanityissue

A cup of iced milk tea from Chun Shui Tang

Fei Qian Wu is located at: 

1F., 13-2, Alley 121, Chungshan N. Rd., Sec. 1, Taipei 

Opening hours:

 Tuesday to Sunday: 11AM - 2PM, 5.30PM - 8PM
Closed on Mondays

Chun Shui Tang is located at:

Taipei Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store,
 Number 66, Sec. 1, Zhong Xiao W. Rd, Taipei 

Opening hours:
Sunday to Thursday 11AM - 9.30PM
Friday to Saturday 11AM - 10PM

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