10D9N Taiwan Trip: J Cafe, Kaohsiung

"Staring at the moon so blue, turning all my thoughts to you."

Hello! Okay, this was actually kinda ironic but other than the snacks and sugary stuff that we ate at Dream Mall, we could not find a restaurant that we think nice enough to chill. There are so many Japanese restaurants at Dream Mall but none of them caught our attention nor enticed us strong enough to dine. Desperate for a place to sit (tired legs), at the end I suggested to go try a cafe which I know existed since four years ago, J Cafe.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: J Cafe, Kaohsiung

J Cafe is located at the corner of the biggest public park in Kaohsiung, Central Park. While the name of the public park resembles the one at New York, it was not as massive as that park and yet, nice enough for the local to go for evening walk, walk the pets or feed the birds. 

Inside J Cafe in Kaohsiung Central Park Taiwan

It seems that the cafe has been visited by so many famous people. The cafe has also been featured in some Taiwanese dramas it seems. I did not know any of the dramas though. 

Photos display at J Cafe in Kaohsiung Central Park

It's quite believable that J Cafe is often used as shooting location though because the cafe is decorated in a vintage design with old style office desk. 

Beautiful J Cafe in Kaohsiung Central Park Taiwan

And there is a grand piano corner and more seating areas on the other side of the cafe. This area was not opened when we visited though because there were not many customers dining in at 3PM on a weekday. 

Piano corner at J Cafe at Kaohsiung Central Park

Since we were saving some space on our tummy for a trip to Rui Feng Night Market, we decided to order wisely. We shared one plate of appetiser (which comes out in a quite big portion) and dessert. The spicy fried calamari is really spicy, I'm warning you. But I love spicy so I could enjoy this appetiser without much difficulties (plus there's free iced water provided so yeah, all is good). Hahaha. 

Spicy fried calamari from J Cafe at Kaohsiung

If you are looking for a cafe that sells shibuya toast like what is offered at Dazzling Cafe, you can find one at J Cafe. We ordered a plate of Chocolate Banana Toast and it tastes so wonderful, even better than the the ones sold at Dazzling Cafe in Singapore. Gah! I am so not gonna eat any shibuya toast in Singapore, really. 

Chocolate banana toast from J Cafe at Kaohsiung

There is this car which looks kinda like Bat mobile but I don't know why J Cafe owns one to be honest with you. But anyway, let's just take picture of it. Hahaha.

Black car outside J Cafe at Kaohsiung Central Park

J Cafe is located at:

No. 6, Zhonghua 3rd Road
Qianjin District

Nearest MRT: Central Park

Opening hours:

Daily 10.30AM - 11PM

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