10D9N Taiwan Trip: Jiufen Old Street Part 3

"You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out."

Came back to work and immediately swamped with a mountain of work and dishearterned spirit, I seriously need a good dose of songs from Oasis, really. Sometimes when I wonder why do I work so much I have to be reminded of what I enjoy doing the most in life, travelling. And travelling does not come free since the most basic requirement from travelling is well...air ticket? #bitterlaugh

So it is time to remember the good time that I had back then when I was travelling to Taiwan. Let's count this as self-motivating post. I could not believe I need to split Jiufen post into 3 parts but combining them all in one post seems lengthy and Jiufen does have a lot of things to offer from street food, crafts and even awesome view. You will not be able to see the view unless you walk all the way to the end of this lanterns-lit passage.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Jiufen Old Street Part 3

There is one hand-crafted ocarina store in Jiufen Old Street. The store has been around since my first visit to Jiufen few years ago so I suppose the store really has a good business selling ocarina. You are not allowed to take picture of their ocarina though but looking from the display case from outside, the ocarinas sold here have so many cute shapes, mostly animals. If you buy the ocarina, the store owner will give you free tutorial booklet on how to play the ocarina. 

Ocarina shop at Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

Few steps from the ocarina store, we are back to food hunt and the sight of colorful filled Chinese pastry lured me deeper into temptation. Obviously I failed and bought the milk filled pastry for NTD 40. Yummy!

Pastry shop at Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

Right after I just finished my pastry, I got lured again, this time by this fragrant Chinese sausage. Oh my gawd, there is no way I will miss this unhealthy and yet so fragrant and juicy (because it's laden with oil obviously) Chinese sausage. 

Grilled Chinese sausage store at Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

My travelling buddy could resist the temptation of sausage but only to fall on the next store's temptation which sells some glutinous gooey stuff which I cannot explain. This gooey gooey stuff taste pretty weird to me but travel buddy seems to enjoy it just fine. This prove that Jiufen has everything for everybody. 

Glutinous rice ball from Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

When you reach the end of the passage, you will see many tea houses and cafes with view. It seems that there are more and more cafes nowadays and they have fancy decoration for these cafes. 

Cafe at Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

You don't have to dine in one of the cafes or tea houses if you just want to catch the view though. It's just you have to endure the crowd in patience if you want to have a shot of the clear mountainous view without anyone photobombing your scenery picture. 

View from tea house at Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

If you zoom in at the road, you will see that the road is by no means, easy to navigate at all. It has so many turns and yet the bus drivers seem to be able to drive the bus without any difficulty. I do pray for a safe trip everytime I go to Jiufen though. LOL.

The nine dragon turns road at Jiufen Taiwan

Since we have spent 90 minutes or so to reach Jiufen, we decided to chill at one of the tea house. We just had simple meal and coffee but the atmosphere of the tea house was so nice we ended up spending at least an hour inside. Hahaha.

Relaxing at tea house at Jiufen Old Street Taiwan

The garlic butter toast that we tried that day. Simple and yet tasty. 

Garlic toast from tea house at Jiufen Old Street in Taiwan

How to reach Jiufen by direct bus:

1. Make your way to Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station
2. Exit via Exit 1 and walk all the way until you see Kao Chi at your left side
3. Walk further down the road for at least 3 minutes until you see a bus stop (which usually has crowd) for bus no. 1062
4. The bus may show Jinguansi at its destination but 1062 will surely bring you to Jiufen
 5. Bus no. 1062 will also go via Ruifang so if you want to visit this city, you can board the same bus

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