10D9N Taiwan Trip: Line Friends Store, Breeze Taipei Xinyi

"And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four three two..."

After checking Breeze at Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan, I have finally found the correct (and biggest) Line Friends store in Taiwan. If you are looking for the biggest Line Friends store in Taipei, you should make your way to Shinkong Mitsukoshi A11 department store which is located at Xinyi district (nearest MRT: Taipei Main Station).

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Line Friends Store, Breeze Taipei

There is one smaller outlet at Breeze at Taipei Main Station but I could not find anything that I feel like buying from that outlet. And one of the main reasons of why I really really want to go to the right store is because Choco is waiting for me at that store. Awww. 

Huge Coco plush at Taipei Line Friends Store

But of course, I was so happy to find Sally, Brown and Cony and immediately posed with them. Hehe. 

Hello with Brown, Cony and Sally at Line Friends Store Breeze Taipei

Choco is really the fashionista in Line Friends universe. She even has her own corner at Taipei Line Friends Store. Thankfully the store was not crowded on Friday evening. We did not have to queue for long time to take picture together with the chic Choco. 

Choco' corner at Taipei Line Friends Store in Taiwan

I just went crazy over these socks. Like really crazy. There is no way for me to buy Line Friends socks in Singapore because apparently the people here are not really head over heels for Line. They prefer the boring Whatsapp but I do agree that Whatsapp is more convenient and professional to use when you are chatting with colleagues (which includes your...ugh, bosses). 

Socks and eye cover from Taipei Line Friends Store

If only I have my own kitchen, I will surely buy all these kitchenware for sure. Maybe it's a good thing I don't even have my own house at the moment. Hahaha. While these goods are cute, they don't really entice me enough to make me want to buy them. 

Pouch, dolls and kitchenware from Line Friends Store

There is a swag corner with Brown, Moon and Edward. Don't you wanna be part of the cool gang of Line Friends Town? 

Swag with Brown, Moon and Edward at Taipei Line Friends Store

Mobile phone decoration and keychains are plenty but I already have a lot of these stuffs so I gave them a miss. I cant really hang all of them on my one and only phone after all. Hahaha. 

Line Friends keychain from Taipei Line Friends Store

The couple Brown and Cony dolls are so cute but my rented room is too small for another pair of Line Friend plush toys. I really need to get my own house really. Somehow. Someday. God will make a way. 

Plush toys at Line Friends Store in Taipei

I was so happy I can finally buy Brown and Cony figurines. There are two sets of Brown and Cony each but I decided to start with these two (because these goodies are not cheap). They have been featured quite prominently in my anyhow-takeaway-food because I put them on my table. Let's say they are good companionship when I eat my food while watching Ipad. #singleladylifestyle

Brown and Cony figurines from Line Friends Store Taipei

Line Friends Store is located at: 

Shinkong Mitsukoshi A11
Xinyi District 

Opening hours:

Daily 11AM - 9.30PM

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