10D9N Taiwan Trip: Raohe Night Market, Taipei

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In Taiwan, one will never not have something to do at night. Especially if you have already fallen in love with the night market culture. There are so many night markets in Taipei alone, you can just choose which particular market you feel like going during the night. Last time, Raohe Night Market was not really part of my preferred options of night market to visit because it's kinda a pain to reach the night market because I don't particularly like taking a bus. But now, you can take train to Songshan MRT Station and walk for another 15 minutes to reach Raohe Night Market. Sweet!
10D9N Taiwan Trip: Raohe Night Market, Taipei
When we came back in early March, there were so many lanterns put up for decoration right across the night market. Roosters to bring prosperity to the whole businesses in the neighbourhood, perhaps?
Pretty lanterns decoration at Raohe Night Market in Taipei
The grand temple beside the night market is still around until today. Ciyou Temple was in renovation when the last time I visited Raohe back in 2013. The temple is grand and beautiful, you may want to take a look for a while before entering the night market on its left side. 
Ciyou Temple beside Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
Just right beside the temple, you will see the red gate of Raohe St Night Market. So many visitors come to the ordest night market in Taipei. The first stall that you will see upon entering the gate always have a long queue and if you have never gone to Raohe Night Market before, you may want to join the long queue of the black pepper meat bun stall. While queueing, you can also see the production line of the black pepper meat bun. Personally, I find it quite fun to join the queue and see the production line before getting the food. As long as I am not starving to death while queuing, it is. LOL.
Entrance to Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
After scrambling my way through the most crowded section of the night market, we finally can take a breath at the non-food stall sections of the night market. I did not find anything that I feel like buying though since I have spent most of my cash buying accessories at Feng Jia Night Market. 
Food stalls at Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
While looking around, we saw an interesting stall which only sells two kind of food, seaweed fried prawn and mayonaisse fried prawn. 
Fried prawns stall at Raohe Night Market in Taipei
The sight of the fried prawn looks so good so we succumbed to the temptation and joined the queue. Thankfully the queue was not that particularly long because we were getting hungry at this point of the adventure. 
Fried shrimps stall at Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
My travel buddy did not want to eat another sauce-related food so we decided to go for the seaweed fried shrimps. She knows I love taking food pictures so much up to the point she automatically offers to hold the food while I busy taking picture. Hahaha. Love you so much my travel buddy! By the way, the fried shrimp taste yummy! 
Seaweed friend shrimps from Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
The funny thing is, we really could not find anything else that we want to eat up to the end to the other gate of the night market. Omo! How could this happen? Probably it's because this was the 5th or 6th night market that we have visited across our journey and we kinda got a bit "bored" of the night market food which is not particularly unique. Hard to please these folks, I know. Hahaha.
Okonomiyaki stall at Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
But at the end of the gate, there is one particular food stall which have long snaking queue. It sells something the spring onion pancake but their pancake kinda looks different so we decided to join the queue and try it out. 
Cong you bing stall at Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
The pancake kinda looks like a Japanese okonomiyaki kind. But, after getting a bite of it, I know that my true love of Cong You Bing (spring onion pancake) lies at that pancake store at Yongkang Street. Up to the point, we decided to just make our way back there after our visit to Raohe Night Market to have another go at their Cong You Bing. Yes, we were so eager to make our way anywhere where there's good food at stake. 
Okonomiyaki at Raohe Night Market in Taipei Taiwan
How to get to Raohe Night Market:
Make your way to Songshan MRT Station and exit from exit no. 5. Walk straight for a bit and you will see Ciyou Temple. The night market is just located beside the temple.
 Opening hours:
Daily 6PM onwards

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