10D9N Taiwan Trip: Rui Feng Night Market, Kaohsiung

 "And that morning, gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean."

While the trace of bad experiences may be gone, the trace of good journey lasts forever and the yummy trace of that one night at Rui Feng night market lingers until now. Rui Feng Night Market is one the biggest night markets in Kaohsiung. It is also one of the most popular night market with visitors from outside Kaohsiung. The night market was so crowded on a weekday night but we did not really mind the crowd because where there's a crowd, there's definitely a queue for those popular food stalls. 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Rui Feng Night Market, Kaohsiung

I realised that the food sold at night markets in Taiwan has become modernised in a way. For instance, I did not recall I had ever seen any churros in any night market in Taiwan four years ago. But now, churros seem to be a basic staple at every night markets in Taiwan including at Rui Feng Night Market. Lured by the colourful churros, I decided to try the chocolate one. Sweet and yummy, especially when eaten when it's still warm. 

Churros stall in Rui Feng Night Market at Kaohsiung

One sure sign that a certain food is getting the hype is by looking at its advertisement. If the food stall display a certain type of proof that their food has been advertised on TV before, you may want to give it a try. Chances are you will not be the only person who queue up to try the food. Hahaha. 

Aniki Potato from Rui Feng Night Market at Kaohsiung

So what are these long sticks that this stall is selling? They are actually long potato sticks. The stall is manned by youngsters and one of them was in training because we could see he's being mentored while garnishing the long potato sticks with mayonaisse and seaweed. The newbie's last attempt was a failure so the mentor apologised and asked us to wait for a better "creation". Haha jiayou young-un! #supportivejiejie

The potato sticks are a DOPE. Oh my gawd, they are crispy, tasty and they go well with the mayo and seaweed. Initially, I had my doubt because it seems that they put so much mayo on this food but oh boy, the mayo sauce taste nice too. This taste better than any fast food chain's fries that I have ever tried. Really. A must try when you visit Rui Feng Night Market. 

Seaweed mayo potato stick from Rui Feng Night Market

The next stall that we are going to try is actually selling food inspired by Middle Eastern culture. Thankfully, there is English translation for the flavours available. 

Hot dog stall from Rui Feng Night Market at Kaohsiung

They are the fillings for pita bread. We had a bit of a situation here because our hands are full with other food, we kinda had difficulty to take out our wallet and pay. Up to the point, the lady behind the counter offered to help us to carry the food...not the pita bread though, the other food from the other stall. Hahaha. She even offered to help eating the food. Full of humour, I see. 

Pocket bread from Rui Feng Night Market at Kaohsiung

We took a pit stop to consume the food that we have bought so far because otherwise, a similar "tricky" situation will repeat itself at the next stall. The ideal place for a pit stop to consume your food at Rui Feng night market is to find a closed stall and just park yourselves in front of the closed stall and nobody will chase you out. Smarty us, right? 

Moving on right along, I remembered my friend's advice to try the fried mushroom at any night market. So we immediately made a stop to check out the stall once we saw the first two characters on the banner which supposedly means mushroom. 

Fried mushroom stall at Rui Feng Night Market in Kaohsiung

You can take a bite for testing before buying the fried mushroom. There are two flavours provided, one is original while the other is black pepper. 

Fried mushroom stall at Rui Feng Night Market

We prefer the original flavour and ordered a small cup of fried mushroom. Turns out the smallest cup can contain so much mushroom pieces. Happy customers, indeed. Imagine if we have such night market in Singapore, I will end up having this kind of food everyday for dinner. Whee~~~

A cup of fried mushroom from Rui Feng Night Market

At this rate, you must have thought that my food is a bottomless pit. Well, looking back at these pictures, you may be right. But it will be such a pity to come in and come out from any night market in Taiwan with only one food in stomach. Don't worry, we are already at our last stop at Rui Feng Night Market, ZNEG's Fujian Chaomian. 

Fried noodle stall at Rui Feng Night Market in Kaohsiung

Chaomian means fried noodle so there can only be one thing that we should order from this stall right. Yes, fried noodle indeed. Unfortunately the taste of this fried noodle is kinda so-so for night market standard. But anyway, we were pretty satisfied with our visit to Rui Feng Night Market. It was way better than its counterpart, Liu He Night Market. So, if you only have one night in Kaohsiung and can only choose one of these two night markets to visit, I would recommend you to visit Rui Feng Night Market instead. 

Seafood fried noodle from Rui Feng Night Market at Kaohsiung

Rui Feng Night Market is located at:

Yu Cheng Road #1128

How to go there:

Take the MRT to Kaohsiung Arena Station and get out at San Min Vocational School Exit. 
Follow the road (or the crowd) until you reach the market.

 Opening hours:

Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday - 6PM onwards
Monday and Wednesday - Closed

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