10D9N Taiwan Trip: Yong He Dou Jiang, Ximending

"Good morning and good night, I'll wake up at twilight."

Hello! Long time no see. I have been away for a two weeks break away from work and the drama at the slavery land. While ideally I should have been focusing more on my blog writing, I was so distracted doing so many lazy activities during my break including lazing on my bed doing nothing. Unproductive much?

While lazing around in my own home is nice and enjoyable, finding breakfast affair is not really an easy feat to do because it involves turning on your car and drive out to the nearest bakery or market. Kinda makes me reminisce those yummy breakfast stalls Ximending which only needs me to walk a few steps because I stayed in the vicinity during my last visit to Taipei. The first breakfast stall that I visited seem to be tourist-favourite because I was welcomed with a long queue in front of Yong He Dou Jiang. 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Breakfast at Ximending, Taipei

Undeterred by the crowd (and the assumption that a curler will not take long to fry anyway), my travelling buddy and I quickly snatch one of the menu available and pondering for a while to decide what to eat. It's good for Yong He Dou Jiang to have this kind of picture menu because this will make ordering so much easier especially if you don't speak Mandarin. 

Breakfast menu from Yong He Dou Jiang at Ximending Taipei

Moving closer to the counter, we saw the size of the fried curler or locally referred as "You Tiao". They are gigantic and way bigger than Singapore version of you tiao for sure. 

You Tiao from Yong He Dou Jiang at Ximending

When it's our turn, we decided to order the same stuff, shao bing you tiao. It's basically a wrapped fried curler. You can have option to add egg inside the wrap but we thought that would be kinda too much because we still had one more stall to visit later on for our breakfast. In addition, we also wanted to drink the soya milk (Dou Jiang) because what's you tiao without its partner, dou jiang? 

You Tiao Shao Bing from Yong He Dou Jiang at Ximending Taipei

Happily posing with my brekkie on a random street at Ximending. Hmm, even though I am using filter function of IG, I kinda realise that my hair color has turned more reddish than what I kinda wish in mind. Time for a color fix maybe few months later. 

Happy breakfast at Ximending Taipei

Yong He Dou Jiang has many branches scattered all across Taipei but the stall that we visited is located at: 

No. 102 Section 2 Fuxing South Road
Daan District

Opening hours:

Daily 24 hours

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