10D9N Taiwan Trip: Afternoon walk at Tamsui, Taipei

"Suspended clear in the sky are the words that we sing in our dreams."

Hello! I just went back in track for my exercise regime and oh boy an hour of body combat was enough to beat me up after three weeks not exercising. I suppose it depends on what kind of holiday that you are doing. If your holiday involves a lot of walking, probably the stamina will not drop so much. Just like the spring holiday that I did back in Taiwan. There are so many areas to explore in the city of Taipei alone and if you love to go for afternoon walk, you should include Tamsui in your itinerary. The area was pretty crowded on a Sunday.
10D9N Taiwan Trip: Afternoon walk at Tamsui, Taipei

There is an old street at Tamsui which is filled with many kind of food. This one stall sells a very big squid for 100 NTD. 

Squid stall at Tamsui Old Street in Taiwan

Yup that's exactly the size of the fried squid. It's supposedly crunchy and QQ but we were too full from our teppanyaki lunch to buy one. Too bad. If only we have more than one stomach but then again, that would not look good appearance-wise. Hahaha. 

Fried squid from Tamsui at Taiwan

Sweet candies reminded me of my younger days. Nope, not getting them today. 

Glazed candies from Tamsui at Taiwan

There is an open space near to the exit of the Tamsui MRT where a lot of families enjoy their lovely Sunday afternoon. People bring out their kids, their pets and just play around with them with the lovely view of the sea. 

Mountain and sea view from Tamsui at Taiwan

You can take ferry from Tamsui Ferry terminal to certain other places such as Fisherman Wharf where the love bridge is located but my travelling buddy was not really keen to go there and I had been there before so yeah, let's just take a stroll and enjoy the afternoon breeze. 

Across the sea from Tamsui Taiwan

Small boat piers which are used by the locals to do some fishing. You can walk on foot to visit the nearby places of interest like Red Fort and Aletheia University but if you are not keen to walk, you can also take bus from the bus stop at Tamsui MRT Station. 

Boat pier at Tamsui in Taiwan

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