10D9N Taiwan Trip: Aletheia University at Tamsui

"Goodbye I'm not gonna cry as I'm hopping that train knowing I won't see you again."

When the tiredness hit, I feel pretty gloomy about all those things that are currently not working so well in life such as work and well, relationship. Sometimes you don't feel like moaning to anyone because noone will really able to encourage you than Jesus so I guess it's probably easier to just moan and share to Him instead. Although this kinda disappointing sometimes in a sense that you wish there's someone on earth who can get what you are feeling right now without you telling that particular person so much about your trouble. Oh well. 

We are coming toward the end of Taiwan trip. Oh gosh, even the mood of the blog post is kinda sombre now. Hahaha.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Aletheia University at Tamsui

During our visit to Tamsui, I offered my friend to visit some of the popular tourist attractions in Tamsui such as Fisherman Wharf, Red Fort and Aletheia University. However, Fisherman Wharf is kinda far to cover on foot and she was not all that interested to check out historical site such as Red Fort. So my travelling buddy chose to visit Aletheia University instead. Actually, the fact that a university can be a popular tourist attraction is kinda amusing to me. But, Aletheia University is the first university established in Tamsui area by Reverend Mackay. The campus ground is pretty nice and serene with a beautiful pond in the middle of the complex. The building which looks like a church is actually the campus' auditorium. Quite grand I have to say. 
Aletheia University at Tamsui in Taiwan

There are another section of the university which looks pretty European to me. And the building is named Oxford College, oh wow, are we in England now? Not sure what's the building is used for because they are closed on Sunday. 

Oxford College at Tamsui in Taiwan

Wondering if this building is considered the student's classroom. Hmm. Anybody wanna to enrol here? 

Classroom building at Aletheia University in Tamsui

If you walk further deeper inside from Aletheia University (you can just follow the crowd actually), you will reach the school gate of Dan Jiang Secondary School. If you are wondering how come a secondary school can become so popular in Taiwan, it's because this secondary school is where the famous homegrown celebrity, Jay Chou, studied during his younger days. This is also the filming location of one of the movies that he starred, "Secret". Unfortunately, we could not get in the school complex on that day because the school is closed for private event. Boohooo. 

Jay Chou's High School in Tamsui Taiwan

When we are walking back toward the MRT, the crowd has started to swarm around the old street because people are interested to check out the food. We did not really buy anything from the old street but I heard this is where you should go if you are interested to buy the iron eggs (which looks all black!). 

Tamsui Old Street in Taiwan

Note: The train back to Taipei Main Station from Tamsui was totally PACKED at 5PM on a Sunday. So if you want to avoid the crowd, maybe you should avoid to go back to the city centre at this timing. 

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