10D9N Taiwan Trip: Chamonix Teppanyaki, Taipei

"Been standing in the corner, studying the lights. 
The dreaming of escape will keep you up at night."

The dreaming of escape, huh? I can totally feel it running in my veins. The dream has been so strong recently up to the point that I just feel like do it. You know? JUST DO IT. That kind of Nike's feeling. But then again, there is no point in rushing up certain things and some decisions are not to be taken so lightly without talking to God. So let me ponder upon this "escape-plan" again over the weekend. 

Should I escape to Taiwan again? At least if I decide to escape to Taipei, I will be able to eat the super yummy teppanyaki at Chamonix in Zhongshan.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Chamonix Teppanyaki, Taipei

Teppanyaki is quite popular in Taiwan and you can literally find teppanyaki at every corner of the city. When I visited my aunt the last time before I finished my study in Taipei, she brought me to a neighbourhood teppanyaki restaurant which is just a hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant but it was so good. This time around actually my travel buddy and I did not put any plan to eat at teppanyaki restaurant because we did not have enough time to do research on where to eat nice teppanyaki. But my colleague happened to tell me about this supposedly-nice-teppanyaki named Chamonix. First time hearing about it and hence, have some doubts about the review. However, my colleague has sworn on it and reservation has proven to be difficult so here we are at Chamonix's entrance trying our luck to dine in without reservation. 

Entrance to Chamonix Teppanyaki Taipei Taiwan

Thankfully there is seating area which is specifically reserved for those diners without reservation. We gleefully took our seats at the corner and eagerly anticipated what the chef is about to cook. 

Teppanyaki Courses at Chamonix Teppanyaki in Taiwan

The first food that the chef cooked was the prawns. Did you see how juicy and big the prawns are? We literally drooled when we see the chef cooking the prawns. 

Cooking prawns at Chamonix Teppanyaki Taiwan

The prawn is served as part of the warm appetiser, together with the mini chawanmushi. 

Warm appetiser from Chamonix Teppanyaki Taiwan

Complimentary bread and sauces are also given to each customer so hungry customer will not give the chef deadly stares while he's busy cooking the next course. Kidding, but that does make sense, right? 

Complimentary bread and sauce from Chamonix Teppanyaki Taiwan

The next course raised a bit of question in my mind but thankfully my travelling buddy told me that the finishing touch was not yet added to this course. 

Inside seafood bisque from Chamonix Teppanyaki

The diners are supposed to see the inside of the seafood bisque before the chef pour the soup over it. Ahh, suddenly I feel kinda embarrassed for not knowing this table manner. Oops. 

Seafood bisque from Chamonix Teppanyaki Taiwan

The next course was one of my favourite, the truffle and mushroom salad. It was definitely more interesting than the usual garden salad although there are no greens involved in this dish. 

Truffle and mushroom salad from Chamonix Teppanyaki

For the main course, I chose the grilled short ribs because it has been a while since the last time I ate steak. You would have thought that each person only have this amount of steak to eat but you guess wrongly. Apparently the chef will put additional serving to our plate after we made a mess of the first serving while munching. Oh wow. I'm really a happy girl full of steak. 

Short ribs from Chamonix Teppanyaki Taiwan

The carb for the day is ebi fried rice which taste so good but at this point of the meal, my tummy was already bulging. This was the last course before dessert thankfully. After we had polished the plate, we were ushered to another seating area to enjoy our dessert and coffee. 

Garlic fried rice from teppanyaki set at Chamonix Taipei

For dessert, each of us opted for different kind of dessert so that we could try at least two kind of desserts served in Chamonix Teppanyaki. My choice was the apple cake served with vanilla ice cream. 

Vanilla ice cream with apple cake from Chamonix Taipei

While my travel buddy's choice is chocolate ball served with vanilla sauce. The chocolate taste a bit weird not in the negative sense though. It's just...I don't know how to explain the taste of the chocolate really. It tastes different from the normal chocolate. Hmm.

Chocolate mousse from Chamonix Taipei

This was my first time trying tiramisu iced coffee and I feel that I really need to burn my calorie off after completing my meal with this sweet and bitter explosion in my mouth. Coffee goes well with tiramisu powder I suppose. The whole teppanyaki course costs us around SGD 50 per person but it was so worth it. At least, when you compare to teppanyaki sold in SG. Hehe. 

Tiramisu latte from Chamonix at Taipei

Chamonix Teppanyaki is located at: 

B1F, No. 44, Sec. 2 Zhongshan North Road
Zhongshan District
Taipei, Taiwan

Menu in English is available on Chamonix's website: 


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