10D9N Taiwan Trip: How to take the Taoyuan Airport MRT?

"As I sing this song, I will go back to you."

 The last day is always hard to go through but every trip must end and the time comes when we have to come back slaving in the reality. But if you love taking train in Taiwan, you have one more thing to try out now. Since March this year, the Taiwanese has finally completed the construction of its equivalent of Airport Express in Hong Kong. Yes, you now have the option to take train all the way from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan International Airport. If you are scared to get lost at Taipei Main Station, you don't have to worry because there are signs everywhere which lead to Taoyuan Airport MRT line.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: How to take the Taoyuan Airport MRT?

The train looks clean and brand new because when we rode it, a week has just passed from the opening day. We were quite excited to board the train but we could not get seats. Being lazy to wait for the next train, we decided to just stand all the way since we will sit for hours on the plane anyway. 

Taking the new Taoyuan Airport MRT in Taiwan

There are few stops to make before you will reach Terminal 1 or 2 of Taoyuan International Airport so it's better if you exercise patience and wait for the next train if you cannot stand for a while. The whole journey takes around 40 minutes-ish if I recall correctly. 

Taoyuan Airport MRT stops in Taiwan

The train passing by a lot of industrial and settlement areas. Kinda remind you of the HDB houses and the industrial area in Singapore actually. The whole trip only costs us around SGD 4 which is way cheaper than taking cab from Taipei city (which can cost around SGD 50). We love this train line already. Hahaha. 

The view from Taoyuan Airport MRT in Taiwan

Since we manage to finish the check in procedure quite fast, we still had ample time to enjoy our last meal in Taiwan. We made our way to the food court area at the basement level and I was so happy to be able to find Formosa Chang and Coco Bubble Tea. Oh yeah, I'm not losing any chance to enjoy my favourite drink in the world, bubble tea. Hahaha. 

Last meal in food court at Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan

This time around, I had my braised pork rice (lu rou fan) with pork chop. The size of the pork chop seems to be smaller compared to last time I ordered the same dishes but thankfully, the taste remains the same. 

Lu Rou Fan and Pork Chop from Formosa Chang

Close view of the now-leaner pork chops. I wonder how do the Taiwanese fry their pork chop until they can reach certain crispness without losing its flavour. 

Pork chop from Formosa Chang at Taoyuan International Airport

It was finally time for us to walk to our gate. We will miss Taiwan so deeply but I guess we'll see when we are going to come back to this lovely country. 

Taoyuan International Airport Taiwan

Until then, zai jian Taiwan! 

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