10D9N Taiwan Trip: Kao Chi Restaurant, Yongkang Street

"Under this pressure, under this weight, we are diamonds taking shape."

Oh man, the last time I was having this strong urge to throw in the towel without concrete future plan was...hmm, let me see...oh wow, exactly 8 years ago. Everybody says that you are supposed to know what you want and find where you belong by the time you hit certain age but turns out I'm going back to the start. Am I in some kind of The Scientist's music video? Uh oh.

Not really sure how to solve this situation since the solution will not come within a day to be honest with you. I guess I'll just update this blog to finish my soon-to-be-completed Taiwan travelogue. Hehe.

Whenever I visit Yongkang Street, I dunno why but I always ended up eating at Kao Chi. Probably because there is always a super long queue in front of the original restaurant of Din Tai Fung. Kao Chi seems to be the closest alternative in the vicinity and I do suspect they get customers via this manner so they should not really complain to Din Tai Fung. I won't even be surprised if they turn out to be owned by same owner.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Kao Chi, Yongkang Street

Guess what, Kao Chi sells xiao long bao too and its xiao long bao is not that inferior to Din Tai Fung. Maybe every restaurants in Taiwan sell good xiao long bao? Hahaha. Kao Chi also have other dishes than xiao long bao like lotus pastry, veggie dumpling, char siew pastry, etc. They all seem good but we were kinda full from our visit to steamboat restaurant in Taipei.  

Xiao long bao from Kao Chi at Yongkang Street Taipei

And after eating many meats and fried stuff for the past few days, we finally miss having some greens in our diet. This is a miracle because I am not particularly a green-eater. We were initially planning to order dou miao but the server informed us that that veggie has been sold out. She recommended us for another type of veggie which we totally forgot its Chinese name but it comes out like this. Well, name does not really matter when the food taste good. If you want to order this, I suppose you can just show the picture to the server and they will find out for you. Hahaha. 

Green veggie from Kao Chi at Yongkang Street Taipei

The steamboat that we just had was really filling and yet it's amazing that the two of us still had the capacity to share a bowl of dan dan noodle. Dan Dan Noodle is a noodle served with peanut sauce. I quite enjoy the different taste of this noodle and I have only tasted similar noodle at Din Tai Fung. This one does not fare that bad either. 

Dan Dan Mian from Kao Chi at Yongkang Street Taipei

Oh right, what steamboat that I was referring to? My Taiwanese friend brought me and my travelling buddy to a steamboat restaurant in Zhongxiao Fuxing area. I was totally clueless on what and how to order so I left all the ordering to him after giving him one special instruction. 

Steamboat at Zhongxiao Fuxing in Taipei

My special instruction is to help me order BEEF because I've been missing out Taiwanese beef steamboat. Funny thing is, all of us ended up ordering the same. Haiz, I forgot the name of the restaurant and my Taiwanese friend is totally ignoring me right now. Sadz. 

Beef steamboat at Zhongxiao Fuxing in Taipei Taiwan

Kao Chi is located at:

No. 1 Yongkang Street,

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9.30AM - 10.30PM
Saturday and Sunday 8.30AM - 10.30PM

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