10D9N Taiwan Trip: Rilakkuma Cafe, Taipei Part 2

"We were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was."

Good morning Sunday! Yesterday was probably the last time I'm having salad for dinner because I ended up sleeping hungry. The struggle was so real up to the point I woke up at 4AM and still feeling hungry. Diet journey must go on though at least until the day my cousin's wedding is held. No way I'm gonna be the fattest relative. #vainmax

Gone are the days of eating cakes for now. Huhuhu. 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Rilakkuma Cafe, Taipei Part 2

But if you are on vacation, please do not deprive yourselves of cakes and cute desserts because who will do that when one is in themed restaurant as cute as Rilakkuma Cafe. 

Cake display from Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei Taiwan

If we did not have further dinner plan, we would have ordered mains too but we tried to keep our tummy in check and decided to just share this Rilakkuma choco tart by the two of us. Isn't it a cutey?

Chocolate tart from Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei Taiwan

We also ordered drinks because there is a minimum order of one drink + one cake (or one drink per guest) imposed by the cafe. This regulation is pretty normal for all kind of themed restaurants because the diners at these kind of restaurants tend to chill for SO LONG. Like hours. We did not make reservation but they allowed us to sit for one hour. Good enough for us. The fruit teas are nice and refreshing but where's Rilakkuma in our drinks?

Fruit teas from Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei Taiwan

Oh there you are. Hello there, yellow iced Rilakkuma. Actually if we have the ice cube mold, we can make this ourselves. LOL. 

Rilakkuma ice cube from Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei Taiwan

Don't forget to visit the washroom whenever you are in a themed restaurant. The washroom is always decorated nicely. 

Washroom in Rilakkuma Cafe Taipei Taiwan

Right outside the bathroom, Rilakkuma and his friends are enjoying reading time with a cuppa of coffee and hot chocolate on a cozy corner. I feel like joining them really. Hahahah. 

Cute Rilakkuma decoration at Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei Taiwan

Rilakkuma Cafe is located at: 

No. 3, Lane 248, Section 4 Zhongxiao East Road
Daan District 
Taipei, Taiwan

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 11.30AM to 9PM
Saturday and Sunday - 11.30AM to 9.30PM

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