Penang Weekend Trip: Afternoon cakes at China House, Georgetown

When my travel buddy insisted that we should include China House in our weekend trip's itinerary to Penang, I was honestly kinda confused. I mean since when my travel buddy is so interested in some heritage or historical building? Turns out even though China House is really a heritage building in Penang, it is also a popular cafe/ bar which has completely brought new sparks to Penang's cafe-scene.

Penang Weekend Trip: Afternoon cakes at China House, Georgetown

Located between Lebuh Pantai and Lebuh Victoria (note: lebuh means street), China House is probably one of the longest cafe in Penang (if not the longest already) as you can practically enter the cafe from one street to another. It is functioning as cafe-cum-bar-cum-art gallery-cum-library and it has three storeys oh my gawd. And yet, despite its huge space, we still needed to wait for empty seats as the cafe is fully packed around 5PM on Saturday afternoon. 

China House, a popular cafe in Georgetown Penang

While waiting for our names to be called, I used the time efficiently to check out what China House is actually selling. This place is cake heaven my goodness. There are so many types of sliced cakes offered from variety of chocolate cakes to cheese cake to citrusy cakes. 

Sliced cakes display at China House in Penang

If the cake selection does not overwhelm you by now, the next shelf show variety of other patisseries like doughnuts, pies, cupcakes, muffin, etc. I feel like trying them all but then again that may not be the best idea. Uh oh, but the glazed cinnamon looks like it's calling my name to eat it... #delusional

Cakes display at China House in Georgetown Penang

The weather was still crazy hot even though it's gonna be sunset in the next two hours, so we should really rehydrate ourselves once we were nicely seated. The drinks menu from China House also have a long list of all kind of beverages from juices, coffee, teas, milkshakes and ciders. 

Drinks menu from China House at Georgetown Penang

My travel buddy and I took turn in ordering and here are the things that we ordered at China House: a glass of cider, a slice of lemon cake, a slice of chocolate meringue cake, and a glass of Rainbow juice (pineapple, mango and strawberry). 

Afternoon break at China House in Georgetown, Penang

When my travel buddy came back with a plate of lemon cake on her hand, both of us were looking at each other in amazement. It's not because we have never seen lemon cake before, it's just the size of the cake is so huge. Like so HUGE with the same price that we usually pay for a slice of cake in Singapore. Suddenly, none of us feel like buying any cake in Singapore anymore because we feel kinda cheated. LOL. (Actually until today, I have not bought any cake in Singapore but not because of I'm being petty, more because I'm fat. :P).

A slice of lemon cake from China House in Georgetown Penang

I came back with another kind of cake, a classic chocolate cake but the texture of this cake is slightly odd. The cake looks like it can crumble at any time because there's a mixture of meringue in the cake. I usually do not eat meringue on its own because it looks so damn sweet but turns out it gives a nice addition to a classic chocolate cake. Thankfully, the size of this chocolate meringue cake is not as big as the lemon cake earlier. 

A slice of chocolate cake from China House in Penang

China House is located at:

 153 Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang  

  Opening hours: 

 Daily 9AM - 1AM

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