Penang Weekend Trip: Where to stay in Georgetown?

We officially started our weekend trip by taking MRT to Changi Airport at 7AM in the morning. Our flight to Penang was scheduled around 9AM-ish with Tiger Airways so we still had ample time to eat breakfast, especially knowing that budget airline does not provide free meal one board. I don't really eat fast food breakfast often because I am simply too lazy to use up energy in the morning to walk to any fast food chain (there's none on the way to office) before work. So airport breakfast at Changi Airport is usually the chance for me to eat McD's brekkie. Yumz.

Penang Weekend Trip: Where to say in Georgetown?

I used to go for the McMuffins or McGriddle but now there is breakfast wrap available. My friend ordered the chicken + egg + cheese wrap for me completed with iced milo while I was busy finding seats. The size of the wrap looks just nice, not too big and yet not too tiny. Iced milo obviously tastes so good despite its supposedly 500kcal based on calorie counter (I still wish it's not accurate though). 

Breakfast at Changi Airport's McDonald's

But the best of them all is gotta be the hash brown. Yum yum!

Yummy hash brown to start the day

Okay if you are taking any budget airlines, you should have been prepared that delay is sometimes unavoidable. And our flight got delayed for an extra two hours. I did not really complain though because this is the risk of taking budget airline really. The plane had some electrical problem so the operator has to replace it with another aircraft. Oh wow, okay, better be safe than sorry then. 

One and a half hour later we have finally reached Penang International Airport and took the cab from there to our hotel for check in. 

Penang International Airport in Malaysia

If you are taking cab from the airport, you can go to the taxi counter and after paying, you just need to take the voucher and give it to the taxi driver. 

Taxi voucher from Penang International Airport Malaysia

30 minutes away from the airport, we have finally reached our accommodation for the weekend trip, Merchant Hotel. The hotel is located right in the midst of Georgetown area, a popular tourist spot in Penang with a lot of street food and wall mural. Despite its pretty central location, the price of one night stay at Merchant Hotel is very affordable. It's probably because of the currency as well but our twin bedroom only costs us SGD 50 in total. That's effectively SGD 25 per pax. O_0!

Merchant Hotel at Georgetown Penang

I got pretty curious on what other people wrote about this hotel on the post its. Overall, I read mostly good feedback given about the location and the help given by the counter staff. 

Post-it notes at Merchant Hotel in Georgetown Penang

Our humble twin bedroom at Merchant Hotel. The room is pretty oldish but at least it is clean. The bathroom is okay too and thankfully there are no nasty surprises there. However, the air-con does not really cool down the room and Penang has such a hot weather like Singapore so I was having difficulty sleeping at night. Haizz. Typical summer accommodation issue for me. My travel buddy is used to my moan though. Hahaha. 

Twin bedroom at Merchant Hotel in Georgetown Penang

I hope the other bedrooms do not have the same issue though. Location wise, there are many 24hours mini markets in the vicinity and the famous street food are located within walking distance. So yeah, the location is the prime selling factor of Merchant Hotel I suppose. If you decide to stay here, hope you get the room with better air-con. 

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